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A trial Laboratorium group for women and men meeting love in the field of anger and fear in an interactive and meditative space. Over six Tuesdays, we will work to use these themes using “anger-fear tools and diverse somatic and body and meditatinve techniques” as a catalyst for process work.


Laboraroty Studio Practice class

Organized by Alchemy of Love by Uma


26 Oct 6-7 pm   28 Oct & 29 Oct / 11-12 pm   & 2 NOV  6-7 PM

NOK: 100 Kr cash at the door.


email-call-text: +47 91157942   uma.armengol@gmail.com


6 Tuesdays:

7-14-21 Nov & 5-12-19 Dec 2017 Time: 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM

(Doors open 5.30 pm) (ENGLISH language)


COURSE FEE(6 eve):

NOK 2,100 Kr Concessions: NOK 1,800 Kr Close Group** Max/30 Participants

PRE-requisites for enrollment: Pre-Interview, Registration and Payment


A trial Laboratorium group for women and men meeting love in the field of anger and fear in an interactive and meditative space. Over six Tuesdays, we will work to use these themes using “anger-fear tools and diverse somatic and body and meditatinve techniques” as a catalyst for process work.

In this process work, we will use and mobilize Anger and Fear as a catalyst for transformation into TIGER LOVE. In the meeting with another human being, we use ourselves as “objects of projection and identification”, we clear the energy field of the past to give birth to the new.

This process is a  “confrontation process” guided with different techniques and therapeutic methods. Is an exchange between people who have a meditative and somatic perception of the self and are willing to learn from suppressive and aggressive primal reptilian mechanisms and child survival (flight, fight, freeze and passive aggressive behaviors) that interrupt our present relational love life as adults.

For the individual, the process group is an opportunity to work exploratory, intensive and compact in safe ground and confidential container, where limits and boundaries gets embodied as part of the “healthy anger reconstruction process”. (Learning healthy contracts and Consent).

Participants come with the intention to learn to use mobilization and expression of emotions as tool for integration and balancing energies (polarity work) , and most important, feel and own (Ownership) their power in different ways (the power of choice).

Participants will learn to meet emotions in a Meditative space and in the presence of the other. It is a soft introduction into Tantra, Sacred Sexuality Awakening and Somatic bodywork. As a group, we help each other in the collective to support the power of woman and man owning their anger, fear and power and coming alive in their full expression and give your TIGER LOVE and give it voice.

I facilitate and hold the space and provide the tools to meet each other in this experimental laboratory-space, but your participation and ownership is your own responsibility.

I look forward to meet you in this intro evenings and to answer any questions you might have prior registering in the course. Welcome to Tiger Love…. Uma

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is an experiential laboratorium studio practice class. It will include strong emotional burning expression of emotions, Somatic Soft Touch; it includes the introduction to Tantra, Sacred Sexuality Awakening, Energy work, Self-inquiry and Metallisation practice. All will be included in the experience.

This workshop is for darings to be TIGER LOVEs beginners-intermediate level.


Confidentiality and a strict code of conduct of mutual respect to each member of the group and yourself is a must for participation.

This course is intended to be a foundation course. The developmental personal learning is depending of each individual growth and process.

You are welcome to continue in the experiential private group of TIGER LOVE.

This course is not intended to  replace any personal therapy, however, it can act as form of group therapy and you will be supported inside the group. learning holding and grounding is a key component of this work.

Please contact Uma for private individual session should you feel the need to explore in further .


In Addition, What Will I Learn?

 Learning the principles and emodiment of TIGER LOVE*

Who will  benefit ?

This Course is open and directed to adults 25+, students, profesionals, therapists and any human being  willing to start, or continue, the exploration and understanding of primal Anger and Fear body emotions and their expression, how they manifest in a group setting, how to understand the personal and collective field and how to transform them into Tiger Love.

Is Also For…

*People with difficulties holding boundaries and limits that has been transgressed or broken or overdriven. *people with difficulties to say “NO” *People (In particular Highly Sensitive ) in search for learning self support in understanding the nervous system in relation to emotion, movement and over thinking –reactive behaviour. *People in their everyday response to life-struggle after experiencing burned out, fatigue Syndrome or Traumatic (CPTSD) experience that holds Anger and suppress healthy aggression and movement. *People that find it hard to be in their authentic power and flow for fear of rejection, not being loved or fear of being killed off at the time of expressing themselves. *People who has suffered, at any point in their life, any form of emotional, physical, verbal abuse and looking to “REGAIN” their sense of Self , self value and power. *People who’s shook and trauma in their system had interrupted the natural response of self protection for survival and thriving in life. . *For people simply afraid being in contact with feelings and experiencing feelings and struggle to meet love in an authentic way (not from adaptation) .

It is my wish to support people for inner liberation in confidence and support a new way of living and responding to life from a secure, grounded and strong base.

What will I need to bring into the space ?

Your willingness to own your emotions

Your willingness to understand and see your mechanisms of defence and resistance

Your willingness to learn , listen, and interact

Your willingness & trust to be guided, directed and supported in this process.

Your determination to see and be seen.

Your determination to meet yourself in a different manifestation of love

Your determination to work in present awareness

About Uma As a Like-Pro practitioner working in the field of Psychoterapy, Sexological Somatic Body Therapy, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Awakening, I am Inspired and supported by my practice on The Wheel of Consent & SE* Somatic Experiencing Shook and Trauma Therapy-Healing, Family Constellations as well as my diverse methods and approach to support treatment and healing of Sexual Shook and Trauma, PTSD and Addiction.

I include and share my own experience in the search for reconstruction of a healthy and grounded living, where love, pleasure and joy can be lived and thrive in your full beautiful and powerful potential.

THE ALCHEMY OF LOVE by Uma* offers safe and healthy practice for supporting the reconstruction of a healthy loving life. It offers strong container that holds together different transformative programs; “ The Sacred Womb”, “Into the Receptive Power”, “Calling the Receptive Man”, “The embodiment of the soul”, “Bridges of Love” and “Love in Action foundation program” creating a supporting energy field of Love in Action around the world.

I look forward to share and learn with you the art of living life and bring alive the best in you… Uma ”

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