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15 Yin Yoga Classes with ChoiByNature Yoga

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative and grounding practice with a calming effect that opens and releases the body in a unique way.

You are required to hold seated and reclined (on the back) poses between 3 - 5 minutes and remain absolutely still. This allows the stretch to go into your deeper connective tissues and joints, opening your body up slowly.

It is a challenging practice both mentally and emotionally since holding a pose for a long period brings up sensations, emotions and thoughts. This practice allows you, through the use of the breath, to cut through the noise of these distractions and find ease within the discomfort. Yin yoga helps you to become an observer and to connect to your body and your self with a deeper awareness.

Price: 15 classes for 2800 kr.

Drop in: 220 kr.


There are only 2 places left in this class and if you can't make 15 classes, I will reduce the price to reflect the number of classes you can come to.


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