Antje G. Korth

Have you hit the core or are you stuck, working with yourself as a coach, leader or therapist within your own life? I can help you quickly to make a break through with my tools and a lot of international experience. I am integrating several...

different .therapy and coaching concepts, as well as using my intuition and medial abilities.

"Inner Coaching" I have developed over a course of practice that spans 22 years. With this method, I can help most effectively to restore your physical and emotional health. You will get a complete picture of your health and soul condition. We can find out health and stress problems and immediately take action. You will find support as you reflect upon yourself and your true needs. Blind spots will become clear and blockades will be released. You can find new understanding, and uncover new, inspiring life goals. As you will get aligned with your true inner being you will master your life with more self-confidence and joy! Check out my website for the different methods that I am using.

For a consultation please contact me by my website or write an email.

Germany: +49 30 94408935
Norway: +47 40898221

Inner Coaching Retreat:
in Greece or in Hawaii

The retreats are held in small groups so the individual work can enfold in the most beautiful and supportive way.

Check out my website:

Germany: +49 30 94408935
Norway: +47 40898221

In my coaching I support you to find your creative, inner power - to live your authentic life of health, success and joy. I am working as a naturopath, personal coach and spiritual teacher in Berlin and Oslo, and offer powerful retreats in exotic places.


Antje G. Korth's terapimetoder:

Åndelig veiledning

Ordet som er brukt er gresk og kommer fra KINESE = bevegelse

LOGI = læren om. DVS: læren om bevegelse. Kinesiologi brukes som en felles betegnelse av flere retninger innenfor dette faget.

Læren om energetisk bevegelse, vil vel beskrive dette bedre.

Alle responser som har opptrått over tid, blir til mønstre. Fysiske, mentale, emosjonelle og åndelige(enegetiske/Essensielle). De blir da også NEVROLOGISKE

Når du er KINESIOLOG, har du i NORGE utdannelse i flere av disse retningene. De ikke bare "tester", men de er "BEHANDLERE" og har en betydelig lengde på sin utdannelse.

Du vil i Norge, finne flere retninger av dette faget

Three in one Concepts, ofte kalt Pedagogisk kinesiologi


Touch for Health

Integrated Healing


Brain Gym  osv.


Det finnes veldig mange retninger.

DNKF  Den Norske KinesiologForening organiserer de fleste

Andre terapiretninger lærer også "TESTmetoden" kinesiologi som kan læres på noen minutter.


Quantum Healing


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