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Uma Armengol

SE Somatic Experience Shook and Trauma therapy specialised in treatment of PTSD, Addiction and Sexual trauma. A new apporach to reconect to intimacy, love and sexuality. Sacred Sexuality Awakening treatment for single and couples.  



(5 min easy bus ride from nesodden ferry station)



Lovely location sourranded by beautiful receptive nature to support your journy of recovery.

Flexible hours - Treatment plan - Package price available


Initial Asessment: NOK 1500 kr per 90 min

Individual Session: NOK 1000 Kr per 60 min 

Couples: NOK 1600 Kr per 60 min

Massage: NOK 1500 Kr per 60 min



Mobile: 00 47 91157942

Skype: armengolnino



I am Trained in Relational Transactional Analysis Counselling & Psychotherapy, Somatic Sexological Body Therapy, Sexual Shock & Trauma Therapy Healing, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism, Energy & Polarity Work, Tantra Therapy & Massage. I am an Osho Body Therapist (Gestalt, Transpersonal and Existential approach to Therapy). I am also trained and practice Active Meditation, Family Constellations and Essence Work.


About Uma:

She has gained European recognition as a gifted, highly skilled, sensitive and trusted therapist suporting people and gorups in different areas of the self , therapy and healing.Uma was born and raised in central Mexico, a shamanic arid land of terra-red-copper tones and magnetic beauty. Her curiosity and love for exploration has lead to her travelling intensively for the last sixteen years living, working and experiencing, studing and doing extencive research in nine countries and many cultures.

She is passionate about cross cultural communication, creating bridges for human integration and love in action, and participating in the co-creation of a sustainable world where love, freedom and connection sustains inner and outer peace.

During her travels she discovered her passion for exploration and was initiated into the fields of human sexuality and the relationship to Self. She is particularly skilled in working with the influences of social and collective conditioning that prevent the individual from developing inner freedom, unconditional love, self acceptance and compassion.

Her research has continued further into the exploration of how the flow of life force is interrupted by burnout, depression and sexual trauma. This has led her into sexological bodywork, energy work, erotology studies, tantra therapy, massage, sacred sexuality, ritualism and shamanism . 

Her journey is continually inspired by her pursuit of expansion and reconnection to life and spiritual liberation, finding deeper understanding of our human vulnerability, longings and needs for fulfilment.

Her relational therapeutic approach is directed towards intimacy, sexual healing and shock and trauma. In that, she provides support and facilitating tools for healing and reclaiming authentic intimacy, love and pleasure which is our natural birth right.

Her work is a fusion of many elements that she has integrated from her learning with many wise and experienced teachers around the world. This lifes work has given her a deep understanding of the path of meditation and love, the essence, the healing and the creation of alchemy of love in all of us.

Her practice is based in the Unity Centre in Oslo and she gives regular workshops and consultations in Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Denmark and Amsterdam.

Further enquiries are invited to contact Uma directly.

Mobile: 00 47 91157942

Skype: armengolnino


Uma Armengol's terapimetoder:

Massasje i stol m/klær. Massasjen bygger på akupunktursystemet, et 50 tals punkter stimuleres langs rygg, armer, nakke og hode.
Quantum Healing

What is Rebalancing® Bodywork?

Rebalancing® is a form of bodywork, which brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essential unity of body, mind and heart. It works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body reading, body awareness training as well as emotions and their expression.



Sjamanistisk healing
Sjamanistisk healing omfatter metoder som
trommereiser, stille reiser, ekstraksjon,
sjelehenting, fjernhealing, husrens, m.m

Somatic Experiencing (SE) 


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