Amèle Younsi

​I am a trained Homeopath, an aspiring nano-alchemist. My strength lies in encouraging you to dive deep into your murky waters, to help you rise to the surface with jewels you thought didn’t exist.

Homeopathy brings to life the principle of like cures like, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it does not suppress diseases. This 300 years old system of medicine encourages us to see symptoms as the cure in progress.  Over the years, I have helped my clients with all sort of ailments. I have trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regents Park London, both in classical and clinical homeopathy. I was a homeopathic advisor for Ainsworths Pharmacy in the UK and run a busy practice in London and globally via Skype.

1000KR inclusive of homeopathic remedies.

Warm regards,

" Nano-particles of something are not nothing " Pr Luc Montagnier

amèle younsi
homeopath Ms Bsc LCHE RsHom

North West London : 1 Loveridge Mews NW6 2DP London.

Oslo monthly :  Unity Senter - Møllergata 23. 0179 Oslo

Globally by Skype @ lightinu

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